About Us

Over A Decade Years Of Experience Coupled With Certifications

We are a team of certified & skilled security researchers and penetration testers.

We have experience in working with different platforms, systems, and devices for complete enterprise security testing.

API Security Scanning

API scanning requires a different security techniques, learn more about this service here.

Web Application Scanning

Identify security flaws within websites, applications & cloud infrastructure.


Perform Dynamic Application Security Testing against complex web applications.

Professional & Trusted Services You Can Trust

If you’re wanting to have a web security test from a security researcher that is experienced, certified and knowledgeable about today’s cyber security threats, then get in touch!

Experienced Testers


With over a decade years of experience in the programming, technology and cyber security fields.

Passionate about cyber security

 Passionate about cyber security and cyber crime with a desire for protecting organisations and people from current and emerging threats.

Our work makes a difference to organizations and businesses

We help to secure applications & infrastructures from today’s threat actors.

We build Customer trust and reputation

Demonstrating a commitment to security by conducting regular penetration testing can enhance customer trust and confidence.

Looking to test your web application against today’s security threats?

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Qualified and experienced security researcher to test your web application

We Are A Group Of Skilled Programmers

Get the best of automated tools with human intelligence to test your site, provide reporting and consultation on the results!