Web Application Scanning

Web Application Scanning

Web Application vulnerability Scanning is a technique using software to identify security flaws within websites, applications & cloud infrastructure.

Penetration testing helps identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses present in a website. By simulating real-world attacks, testers can uncover vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by malicious hackers.
We perform web application scans to discover zero days, security flaws plus full coverage of the OWASP top 10. Also, Scan your APIs including WSDL, Swagger and Graph QL end points for security flaws.

Demonstrating a commitment to security by conducting regular penetration testing can enhance customer trust and confidence. Customers and stakeholders value organizations that prioritize security and take proactive steps to protect their data. By investing in penetration testing, organizations can build a reputation for being proactive and security-conscious.

These are the core phases we go through to test your web application –

1. Planning and Scoping
2.  Reconnaissance
3. Vulnerability scanning
4. Manual testing
5 . Safe exploitation
6 . Reporting


What our clients says about us

Haq Security

Hello! We are a group of skilled developers and programmers.

Hello! We Are Qualified And Experienced Security Researchers To Test Your Web Application

Utilising both automated tools and our experience for testing real world security issues, we cover all avenues for testing your web applications, where one may be limited in testing, the other will cover.